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Reading and Knowledge

  • Before reading the main text, students are introduced to the topic with interesting fun facts and thought provoking questions to think about in the Before You Study and Did You Know? sections.
  • Each book has 20 units. Each unit focuses on a unique topic. History, science, politics, economy, social studies, and world culture are just a handful of the topics included in each book.
  • Topics that may be unfamiliar to students are explained using level-appropriate vocabulary, and ideas are written in ways that are easy to understand.
  • Each book offers opportunities to learn valuable and essential reading skills. Questions and visual aids presented help students improve their reading ability for different purposes.
  • Depending on the unit, a Grammar Lesson or Vocabulary Extension section is provided.
  • Students can significantly strengthen their English grammar and vocabulary skills by diligently studying these sections.

At the end of each unit, students can engage in further study in the theme of the main text with the provided Close Reading and critical thinking questions. Students can discuss more than one point of view on a certain issue and exercise critical thinking ability.

Title Reading and Knowledge 1 Reading and Knowledge 2 Reading and Knowledge 3
Student Book
Answer Key (SB)
Lesson Plan
Weekly Plan
Midterm Test
Final Test
Mid/ Final Answer key
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