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Grammar Picnic

  • Grammar Picnic is a series of three books that has been developed for beginning English students wishing to learn, practice, and master basic English grammar in an interesting way.
  • Each unit and accompanying lesson has been designed and written in a clear and simple manner to make learning efficient and to accommodate children in kindergarten and the lower elementary levels.
  • The series consists of progressively challenging exercises that focus on grammar, yet also improve vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Fun comic strips teach practical English, promote thinking, and make learning fun.
  • Included workbooks offer the additional practice students need and can be used when assigning homework.
  • The included CD-ROMs contain a variety of fun activities that will improve students’ understanding of grammar and help them develop existing skills.
  • This series when used alongside Reading Picnic, help learners to study with integration.
Title Grammar Picnic 1 Grammar Picnic 2 Grammar Picnic 3
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