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Fly Phonics

Fly Phonics contains 4-levels of material for kindergarten and elementary students

  • In Fly Phonics, with total of 4 books, the essential phonics rules are carefully selected for the learners. The number of phonics rules has been properly configured to each of the book's 10 units.
  • Reviews are provided for every 2 units in the Student Book and Workbook. Through iteration of accumulative review of the Workbook, academic achievement can be improved.
  • Taking into account of the target lesson, a variety of interesting exercises and activities are included.
  • Exciting and easy to sing along chants are used to introduce target sounds to the young learners.
  • The stories in the Student Book and Readers - found in the back - are used to review vocabulary. The level of difficulty is minimized between books to ease the burden from learning.
  • Hybrid CD is filled with entertaining games and sound. The CD provides interactive and engaging way to review Phonics. It also allows audio when played in a CD player.
  • Additional online resources are provided such as flashcards, cube activity, practice tests to engage active participation in Phonics.
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