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Grammar Hit STARTER is a 3-level grammar series designed for low beginner students. The series helps students to learn the principles of the English grammar in a systematic way, with clear, concise charts and example sentences with interesting illustrations.


  • Student Book with Workbook
  • Link to downloadable materials provided

Key Features

  • Grammar points presented in each unit
  • Demonstration of grammar points through examples applied in different situations
  • Practice grammar points repeatedly with increasing difficulty through various activities
  • Review tests to sum up what has been learned, closing with a short paragraph
  • Downloadable materials such as midterm, final, and unit tests provided
Title Grammar Hit Starter 1 Grammar Hit Starter 2 Grammar Hit Starter 3
Student Book
Student Book Answer Keys
Workbook Answer Keys
Midterm Tests
Midterm Test Answer Keys
Final Tests
Final Test Answer Keys
Unit Tests
Unit Test Answer Keys
Word Lists
Word Lists Answer Keys