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Grammar Hit is a 3-level grammar series designed for high beginner students. The series helps students to learn the essence of the English grammar in a systematic and interactive way with clear grammar lessons and well-designed practices with engaging pictures.


  • Student Book (with Workbook and Portfolio Book included)
  • Downloadable materials provided

Key Features

  • Grammar points presented one by one in two pages each unit
    (20 units provided in each level)
  • Clear grammar charts and explanations
  • Check up exercises drilling the target grammar point
  • Writing tasks in the real life setting based on the target grammar
  • Self-centered engaging portfolio writing linked to writing practices
  • Review tests evaluating students’ progrss
  • Downloadable materials such as unit tests and mid/final term tests provided
Title Grammar Hit 1 Grammar Hit 2 Grammar Hit 3
Student Book
Student Book Answer Keys
Workbook Answer Keys
Midterm Tests
Midterm Test Answer Keys
Final Tests
Final Test Answer Keys
Unit Tests
Unit Test Answer Keys
Word Lists